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Hi, I'm Alessandra, A Fine Arts Student !

Who am I ?

Alessandra Allioli,

Young multidisciplinary artist born in Paris, studies art in Nice.
After two years in a preparatory class for art schools, presents the contest at the Villa Arson, 2018.
Now 24 years old, she graduated from a DNA at Villa Arson, she is continuing her training at master’s degree.
2021 is the year of an international exchange at Concordia University, Montreal CANADA.

Descendant of a family of interior decorators, specialized in the realisation of
trompe-l’oeil mural (Maison Allioli), Alessandra renews in her practice and with
contemporary issues, the art of designing interior space.
The young artist makes dialogue the practices of perspective drawing, through animation, sculpture, installation up to 3D.

“ORGANINDOORS” / organic indoors

“Breathing life into a space, is for me a fundamental characteristic of
architecture, then interior design, two disciplines that I find exemplary.
As a visual artist, I like to approach them. While certain materials limit the
capacity of expression like concrete or marble, no physical constraint is for me.
imposed on the paper. The 3D space modeling is obviously an asset in this sense.
that it allows a great freedom in the conception of forms and spaces as I do them
Conceive, nothing constrains the imagination.
Let us imagine then the interior as a living organism in its own right.
To overcome the illusion, my choices of materials and shapes draw their inspiration in
The search for movement is also important and is activated by means of video, games, etc. The search for movement is also important.
of lights or the use of motorized objects.

All of these tools allow me to create fictitious and ambiguous spaces, such as
trompe-l’oeil that lead us to question ourselves on what we are given to see.
It is from this tension that my spaces draw their identities. ¬Ľ

My last project