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View on The Making of Husband: Christina Ramberg in dialogue exhibition!

Highly stylized, simplified, yet warped and bizarre, Christina Ramberg’s works depicting corsets—now exhibited at KW Institute for Contemporary Art—are symbolic and evocative of control, regulation and the influence of social conventions in shaping identity. Ramberg, a leading presence in the Chicago Imagists, was active within the creative community from the 1960s up until the mid-1990s. The title of the show, ‘The Making of Husbands: Christian Ramberg in Dialogue,’ refers to the BBC film ‘Husbands’ by John Cassavetes, which explored the construction of gender performance, seeking to reveal the contrived nature of stereotypical, normative roles such as ‘the husband.’ Through the dialogue between Ramberg, the additional exhibited artists and the space itself, the interdependence between the body and the world around it is articulated, as they explore how hegemonic social norms are re-inscribed in daily rituals.

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